Berallo is a high quality selective kennel of Leonbergers raised in a family environment.  The dogs of our family kennel were chosen according to the excellence of their temperament and of their pedigree; they are thus excellent representatives of their breed. I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and my kennel is registered to CKC.


My breeding dogs are OFA or OVC (hips and elbows) certified to make sure that they are safe from dysplasia. They have also passed additional health tests to verify if they don't carry diseases common to their breed; therefore, all puppies are of high quality. I offer a two year health guarantee for each puppy sold. We also provide lifetime support and assistance.


Beralleo's Kennel has a good reputation across Canada from coast to coast. In fact, dogs from our Kennel are spread across many provinces: British-Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut and, of course, in a lot of places in the province of Qubec.


I also try to expand my knowledge on breeding and canine education as much as possible by attending courses and conferences that deal with the subject. 


Training courses attended :


    Cyno-professional certificate in breeding (Luc Campbell and some specialist veterinarians) 2003-2004

     Puppy aptitude test (Luc Campbell) 2003

     Behavioral therapy for dogs (Luc Campbell) 2003

     Balance of power between owner and dog (Luc Campbell) 2004

     Education development I and II (Jacinthe Bouchard) 2004

     Artificial insemination (Dr. Angelika Stock) 2005

     Hip dysplasia (Dr. Guy Beauregard) 2005

     Tools for optimizing canine reproduction in a kennel (Dr. P. Pierson) 2006

     Prevention in nutrition and breeding (Dr. H. Bourgeois) 2006

     What to do when weaning puppies have diahrrea (Dr. P. Pierson) 2006

    Physical structure evaluation of a puppy/adult (Pat Hastings) 2006

     Parasitology of the dog in a Kennel (Dr Alain Villeneuve), 2007

     Pathology of the puppy up to weaning (Dr. Philippe Pierson), 2007

     Infertility (Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine), 2013

     The truth about herpes virus canin - CHV-1 (Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine), 2015

     Myth - 10 common misconception in growing puppies (Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine), 2015

     What dog breeder need to know about Kennel Cough (Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine), 2016



Participation in TV show:


     Guest breeder in the "Animag" show, canal Tlmag 2006




I hope that you find my web site interesting. Welcome into a world that is truly a passion for me!!


If you require further information, please feel free to contact me at:


France Jacob

leveur Cyno-Professionnel

ST-Ferrol-les-Neiges, (Qubec) Canada

(35 minutes from Quebec City)


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