The Leonberger is a mountain dog but, contrary to other breeds of this category,  this dog does not drool.  He has an excellent temperament; calm, patient, sociable and very affectionate. This makes him an EXCELLENT companion for the children he endlessly loves.  He is also very attached to his family.  This dog is much happier when he lives with other members of the family and becomes an integral component of it. 


The Leonberger does not bark a lot,  but will warn his owner whenever someone enters his territory.  Nevertheless, if his owner is glad, the latter will immediately be accepted and he will even be happy about this unexpected visit. 


Despite his imposing stature, this dog knows how to make himself unobtrusive and will not disturb by taking too much space.  Moreover, this dog does not require a great deal of exersice.  He will adapt easily to the rhythm of life of the family, provided that it offers him a minimum level of physical activity. 


Swimming is a favorite pastime, since this dog loves water.  Indoors, the Leonberger is usually very calm, but he does become more active outdoors. This dog is just as happy playing outdoors or simply resting at your feet.



Wither height:


- Male: 74 cm - 80 cm (29 - 31 in)

- Female: 61 cm - 74 cm (27 - 29 in)




- Male: 59 Kg - 77 Kg (130 - 170 lbs)

- Female: 45 Kg - 59 Kg (100 - 130 lbs)